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"If you don't know who Tryst is,you soon will. Her latest release, Indigo Sky, dropped June 26. While only 6 tracks, each one packs a serious punch. The title track pulls you in from the very first beat. Her vocals are powerful, exude confidence but most importantly- display raw emotion and incredible dynamics. A little something for everyone. This MORE than impressed me."



"There isn’t honestly enough words I can say about Tryst's new album Indigo Sky. Dark, entrancing, incredible, mystifying. 10/10 perfect scores all around. You’ll dance your ass off and get lost in the atmosphere. Tryst’s voice is incredible as always. Such a talented human being and someone I’m proud to be a supporter of. She worked herself to the bone to make this album so everyone better check it out. Amazing album. You won’t regret listening to this, trust me."

"Tryst is an incredible talent that the entire world needs to hear! Both albums (Vulgar Virtue & Indigo Sky) are equally impressive. She manages to bring you back to an older sound that we’ve all been longing for, while simultaneously forging ahead with a unique quality that I have not found from anyone else. If you purchase any new music, you must put Tryst on your list… you will not be disappointed!"



"Tryst combines traditional darkwave with soulful vocals, creating a sound that is passionate yet introspective. The sensuality of her voice paired with her deep lyrics create a hauntingly beautiful soundscape!"

"Please buy Tryst's album! It 's a great album that has catchy songs, with a rock & gothic sound. This girl has an amazing voice. When she does a live show she takes the time to talk to her fans and answer our questions. She is so kind and friendly! So glad I found her on Instagram and Spotify."

"To witness Tryst perform is to witness an exhibition of dominance and grace. An astonishingly approachable and ruthlessly charming woman, her enchanting demeanor giving way to enticing command as the lights dim and the music starts. Her music and performance providing a montage of the sultry and the savage, an homage to the goths, the hippies, the freaks, the devils and angels. So much about her is familiar, but not a single thing contrived. Tryst is all her own and at her firm insistence, all those entranced by her spell belong to her as well"



"Tryst's second album Indigo Sky brings mystic and wonder back to life with spellbinding vocals, haunting riffs and a hint of the retro style. Perfect to dance around to; you will definitely be headbanging as hard as possible and feeling like a sexy witch. I just can't get enough of it!"


"I discovered Tryst thanks to her first album, Vulgar Virtue. What a masterpiece!!! And Indigo Sky is just as good (if not even better!!! ). Tryst is such a talented artist who combines a very powerful voice with a unique style. I really look forward to seeing her live one day. Barcelona is waiting for you!"

"What a treat you are in for if you get to catch one of her acts!! We recently had the pleasure of booking her for a show and by no means were we disappointed!! We found her energy to please the audience undeniable, sexy and tantalizing .Tryst doesn't miss a beat when it comes to lighting, timing or whatever else she can think of to enhance your experience. She left us all wanting more and we cant wait to have her back and see what she does next."

"The title for the most surreal, imaginative, and spectacular new talent of all has to go to Tryst. Who’s style can only be matched by her impeccable talents. Dancing, leading the stage for other amazing performers, hosting or just being an all out incredible force not to be wrecked with, is quite the achievement for such a young upcoming performer.  Tryst's tricks and talents are universal, so anyone can enjoy what the amazing neon soul has to share with the world of entertainment".

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