"To witness Tryst perform is to witness an exhibition of dominance and grace. An astonishingly approachable and ruthlessly charming woman, her enchanting demeanor giving way to enticing command as the lights dim and the music starts. Her music and performance providing a montage of the sultry and the savage, an homage to the goths, the hippies, the freaks, the devils and angels. So much about her is familiar, but not a single thing contrived. Tryst is all her own and at her firm insistence, all those entranced by her spell belong to her as well"


"What a treat you are in for if you get to catch one of her acts!! We recently had the pleasure of booking her for a show and by no means were we disappointed!! We found her energy to please the audience undeniable, sexy and tantalizing .Tryst doesn't miss a beat when it comes to lighting, timing or whatever else she can think of to enhance your experience. She left us all wanting more and we cant wait to have her back and see what she does next." 

"The title for the most surreal, imaginative, and spectacular new talent of all has to go to Tryst. Who’s style can only be matched by her impeccable talents. Dancing, leading the stage for other amazing performers, hosting or just being an all out incredible force not to be wrecked with, is quite the achievement for such a young upcoming performer.  Tryst's tricks and talents are universal, so anyone can enjoy what the amazing neon soul has to share with the world of entertainment".

Tryst (@tryst_official) brings blood, and lipstick wrapped up in her dark and gritty noir world. She takes inspiration from classic artists and macabre undertones to bring a show filled darkness and desire. Her new album "Vulgar Virtue" will take you on a journey of mystery and the enigmatic mind.

Singer and songwriter born and raised in New York. Inspired by artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, The Cure, Kate Bush, David Bowie, Massive Attack, as well as David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick and Salvador Dali. 

Tryst also delivers theatric burlesque elements to the stage.. Performing at many venues in the NYC areas. She has successfully produced many sold out shows, bringing a sense of community together through art, music and dance. 


Giving you high energy, stunning visuals, theatrics and an exciting new sound! Her album comes with much anticipation and enthusiasm from those who listen to what she has to give and enter her world of love, lust, pain and desires. 


Available on streaming apps and for sale at trystofficial.bandcamp.com or get a signed CD copy at the Merch shop above!

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